Client Testimonials

Flourish Medical Aesthetics

"It's Really Made a Big Difference in my Appearance"

 “I’m one of the many men and women challenged by hair loss who wish to find a solution.  I just wanted to share a quick note that Martin Lewis of Flourish Aesthetics is successfully providing that solution for me.  My male pattern baldness is disappearing before my very eyes.  Family and even my stylist have commented on the improvement.  Martin’s knowledge and attention to detail makes it easy to leave the process in his capable hands.  And the icing on the cake is the comfortable, relaxing atmosphere.  I’m glad I decided to work with Martin.  It’s really made a big difference in my appearance.”  - BF ~  Doylestown, PA

"Treat Yourself...You're Worth It"

"I am hooked!  Martin is a true professional who has given me the confidence to feel good about the way I look...and feel!!  Treat yourself to an appointment with Flourish Medical Aesthetics, you're worth it!" - LO ~ Newtown, PA